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    Jacob H
    February 19, 2023

    The place opened at 11am on the dot. So I went next door grabbed some DazBog coffee and went back for a quick bite of lunch. A few others had already made their way in by now. The counter girl was friendly and had a smile that made me feel at home. The menu is an easy to read left to right, where you start your order from the left column and pick from the columns on the right to complete your meal option. I ordered a steak burrito with queso sauce. Don’t be discouraged from the pics I added, the burrito comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, and chips with salsa. I don’t like salad so I don’t eat it on my food. I didn’t want the chips either. I didn’t want to waste them. That said my plate would have been much fuller with those in it. The burrito was good, it had a good steak flavor with plenty of steak in it. The place was clean. By the time I was finishing my meal many others had came in, must be a favorite amongst the locals. And why not the service was friendly the food came out quickly and I was full when I left. Yolanda’s must be family owned. If you like family owned places you’ll know what I mean when you eat here. They also have beer and my favorite, Coca-Cola.

    Chad Goodman
    February 07, 2023

    Very first person you see is a short arogant hater that doesnt like white people and pretends to be mexican. It's a shame too because the food's not bad it's terrible so to get the first impression terrible the food terrible the service terrible the atmosphere terrible and nowhere to park and Castle Rock man just don't even waste your time stay away from that place like it's got the plague there's nothing good that you're going to experience there you're going to pay too much be mistreated and not enjoy your meal when you come out you'll have to walk 2 miles because there's nowhere to park and then you'll get harassed by the employee at the front cash register that hates everyone because he's a little pipsqueak who wants that experience I mean you could go do it just for fun but it's not fun so why bother. Okay so looking at the photos let's recap that's supposed to be chicken and beef fajita for two I don't see any beef if you can recognize what that other stuff is that supposed to be chicken it was so Grizzly I couldn't eat it everything in the picture the guy that I was referring to earlier called hot sauce including the feed of meat we got two tortillas with 30 bucks worth of fajitas he brought something to us after we were done eating oh our queso queso and chips usually comes before you eat somehow it came when we were done so I don't know if that food looks appetizing for you go for it I don't advise caution cuidado danger Don't Do It awful awful awful

    Stephanie deGuzman
    September 02, 2021

    We have gotten Yolanda's several times in the past, and have been satisfied with the food and service. We have friends who highly recommended your restaurant. However this evening was a total disappointment! The man who took our order at the cash register at the Castle Rock location (around 5:30pm this Wednesday, Sept. 1st night) was rude from the start, and for no reason whatsoever. We were our polite and cheerful selves, and when we asked him a question about the sides, he mumbled something to us. Since we could not hear, we asked what he said and he very loudly and rudely repeated "rice and beans", and without even looking at us. I ignored his rude tone, and as our conversation for our order continued, at every turn, he was impatient, hard to understand because of his low volume, acted like we were a nuisance somehow to him, even though all we did was order, and without any delay or questions other than what the sides were. I would recommend that you discuss with him how important it is to be at least cordial, if not helpful, especially when a customer is asking a question or can't hear or understand him. He never offered or asked us about any sauce either, so we had to ask if we could have some upon him handing us our food (after a 15 minute wait, which we thought was way longer than we've ever had to wait before, but we did not complain at all), and he was rude then as well, not saying a word, and impatiently grabbing the sauce and tossing it in the bag. Fast forward to when we actually started eating the food at our house, just 5 minutes away), and my husband's tacos were COLD! The meat was not even warm at all, as if it had not even been heated before putting it in the taco! I had the fish, and it was rubbery & overcooked...hopefully not expired either! The "side" of beans that each of us ordered for almost $1.50 each came in a teeny little to-go plastic SAUCE container, and tasted like it came from a can. And the worst part of the fish taco meal were the HORRIBLY expired pineapples that were in the tacos! They were so old that they were almost GRAY in color! I took pics to post with the reviews. I took as many as I could find (and had not accidentally eaten already) out, so as not to have stomach issues later (**fingers crossed**). All and all, this was a total waste of our money, waste of our time, and a big disappointment, given the much better experiences we've had in the past, and our friends' good recommendation. We will let them know of our experience as well, so they can keep their "eyes open" if they visit again. The pandemic has had it's great negative impacts, but even with a short staff (this evening did not appear to have that, as there were about 7 people that we saw cooking in this small restaurant), it's not hard to CARE about the product and customers, and to make sure when something looks OBVIOUSLY old, to throw it out and get fresh food to serve, and to be POLITE and HELPFUL to your paying and repeat customers!

    Tina Cramer
    September 27, 2022

    The first time I ate here, it was comparable to what I would imagine a Caucasian rendition of soft tacos. It had no spices and tasted so plain, I was like did I order the kids special? I was so disappointed but I decided to give them another shot and ordered the nachos. I’m glad I did, the chips are very crunchy and thick, they don’t use sour cream on the nachos but crema, like a real Mexican restaurant. I had some for left overs and the chips stayed crispy even after I heated it back up in the MICROWAVE!!

    November 23, 2022

    Authentic Tacos in Downtown Castle Rock! The service here is fast & friendly. The food here is genuine, quality meat, and a whole meal that won't break the bank. I highly recommend getting some queso to the side to add to your tacos 🌮 as well, very tasty combo. Thanks Yolanda's!!

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