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    Kirill Lagoutchev
    November 23, 2021

    I'd rate it zero stars if I could. First time, place came recommended by friends. Ordered the Thai BBQ Chicken from the Chef's Specialty menu. It's just a pile of dry chicken with some sweet chili sauce on the side. To call this a "dish" is a stretch even if it didn't taste so utterly bland. Any chef whose specialty is this should seek a new career. I called and confirmed that this wasn't just a mistake, this is really the entire menu item, nothing missing...

    Cris “Criz Performance” llamas
    October 08, 2022

    I work a few blocks down and I’ve ordered from taste of china a few dozen times. Their teriyaki dishes are always drenched in teriyaki sauce making the food unbearable to eat. I’ve asked and emphasized LIGHT sauce every time and it seems like instead they put extra extra sauce instead. I’ve asked for them to give me the teriyaki sauce on the side but they say they can’t give me a small container with teriyaki for some reason. I’ve even asked for a disposable plate they had at their location and the lady just said “ nooooo, ” . I wouldn’t recommend grabbing Chinese food from here. You’ll receive your order without any chopsticks as-well. I don’t understand why they don’t listen to customers request as that would help customer retention rate to stay high. Me and the office I woke at are never grabbing food from here for bad experiences and I wouldn’t recommend eating here. Photo is the last meal I picked up and asked for LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT TERIYAKI sauce. And this is what I received very similar to what I usually receive.

    Lane Morse
    June 24, 2022

    The sesame chicken was hard like it had been under a heat lamp all day. Also ordered rangoons and spring rolls and neither came with sweet and sour sauce. They charge 1.50 for a tablespoon of sweet and sour sauce. Not even exaggerating this is the amount I got for a dollar fifty. Rangoons we’re also hard and the cream cheese was krusty. Food was definitely not fresh. Won’t be going back.

    TJ Gilmore
    June 05, 2022

    So I just moved directly behind this restaurant and was super excited and then I ordered it to go because you can’t eat there anyway. So the chick wasn’t that pleasant when I picked it up but who cares, small interaction I’ll never remember. However the food is the most disappointing part, I grabbed a little bit from here and there on the menu to get an idea of what they are doing. Appetizer I got potstickers, They were fairly decent and the sauce was really good that came with it. I got the hot and sour soup, it taste like nothing and consists of very little besides water. I wouldn’t recommend this. I also got the compound chicken which had a nice selection of vegetables that were cut really well and the chicken was OK, Panda Express is better. I also ordered a side of fried rice but got white rice so that’s a bummer. And I ended it with the Singapore noodles. I’ve never been to Singapore but I can guarantee they aren’t eating what I did. It was like they had made perfect Mei fun and decided to just throw some yellow curry in it dry without any emulsifying ingredient to make the powder a sauce. I figured reheating would just make it drier so I just tossed it. Bummer. And then I would have to say we ordered everything blindly because nowhere on the menu does it describe what anything, what it’s made of or what’s in it. There are also no photos or anything to reference. I had to google most things just to ensure menu items were what I was thinking they were. I can literally look at this restaurant from all of my home windows so I’ll definitely be giving it another shot and maybe I just need to find the things they enjoy making. 2/5 stars and I would not recommend

    Desire Giles
    August 17, 2022

    The Chinese Donuts were too greasy and I wish it had a little bit more sugar. The summer rolls were very disappointing. However, the entrees orange chicken and general tsos was delicious. I loved the egg rolls and crab rangoon as well. The price was very decent and I would order from here again.

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